Nearfield System Inc. - NSI Patents

NSI Patents

NSI holds several patents in technology fields related to nearfield antenna measurements. Here is a list of the patents.

  • Wide Range Straightness Measuring System Using a Polarized Multiplexed Interferometer and Centered Shift Measurement Of Beam Polarization Components
    United States Patent number 5,408,318
  • Three -Axis Motion Tracking Interferometer For Measurement and Correction of Positional Errors Between an Article Under Test and a Measurement Probe.
    United States Patent number 5,419,631
  • Dual beam laser device for linear and planar alignment.
    United States Patent numbers 5,838,430 and 6,034,763
  • Vertical tower for a two-axis measurement system.
    United States Patent number 5,881,470
  • Thermal Control Apparatus for Two-Axis Measurement System
    United States Patent number 6,193,334
  • High Precision Cartesian Robot for a Planar Scanner
    United States Patent number 6,545,440