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NSI User's Forum Now Online

NSI has created a new user’s forum, open to all existing NSI system users. Have a question regarding your NSI system? Join the forum and ask your question online, or search through our extensive database. The forum is the perfect place to share tips, search for information, and ask questions of the NSI User Community. Forums are available for both NSI2000 and AntennaViz users, along with forums for hardware. To join the forum,, click on the button below,

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Feb 11, 2016

AntennaViz™ Software Videos

AntennaViz™ is a Database and Data Visualization add-in option for NSI2000 SW.
This option, NSI-SW-5555, named AntennaViz™, adds a significant advanced processing and plotting capability set to your existing NSI2000 toolkit. Please check our new videos about AntennaViz features.
Video 1: Link
Video 2: Link
You can also take a look at our YouTube channel for more information throught the following link https://www.youtube.com/user/AntennaMeasurementTV/videos

Feb 03, 2016


NSI and MI Technologies Merge (Jan 22, 2016)

nsi mi
Quadrant Management’s Ted Deinard today announced that it has acquired MI Technologies, LLC (MI) and will merge MI with its portfolio company NSI, joining the two premier microwave measurement companies into a single entity. This merger allows the companies to combine their resources to bring quality, cost effective products and systems to their customers. Please visit the web site www.nsi-mi.com

The name of the new company is NSI-MI Technologies, LLC doing business as NSI-MI Technologies with a domain name of nsi-mi.com.

Going forward, our customers will benefit from product and cost improvements that will result from this merger of the two premier microwave measurement leaders. The two companies serve both domestic and international government and commercial customers with antenna and microwave measurement products and systems. The new company will continue to supply products to the Aerospace, Defense, Wireless, Automotive, Materials and other application areas with requirements for high speed measurement systems. These two companies currently have products that can be applied to antenna, Radome and RCS (Radar Cross Section or Stealth) and other applications. Combining the technologies of the two companies will be a win for the marketplace by offering more affordable, reliable, higher speed products and systems.

With several offices worldwide, the new company will be able to better serve more customers with highly engineered products and systems. Having a larger set of technical employees also provides a platform for improved support to customers both for system design and for post-delivery support.

NSI is the leader in supplying near-field measurement system solutions to the government and industry. The Company supplies products and systems throughout the world for a wide variety of applications. They have a strong record of innovation and have advanced the state-of-the-art in this highly technical area of antenna measurement. Detailed information can be found at the NSI website: www.nearfield.com

MI Technologies, LLC is the leader in compact range and far-field measurement system solutions. The Company has a larger worldwide installed system base than all competitors that serve this market requirement. The products and systems offered for antenna, radome and RCS processing provide the highest accuracy and reliability available. Detailed information can be found at the MI Technologies website: www.mitechnologies.com

NSI Annual Near-field Antenna Measurement Short Course (8-11 March 2016)

Enrollment is now open for NSI 2016 Near-field Antenna Measurement Short Course!
Course will be conducted at NSI headquarters in Torrance, California from March 8th through 11th. This extensive four-day course, presented by our resident NSI experts, covers a multitude of topics pertaining to near-field theory, practice, and measurement techniques. This is a great opportunity for new and current users to learn more about their systems and updated antenna testing techniques, as well as introducing prospective users to near-field antenna measurements. Seats are limited and are available on a first come, first serve basis. Enroll now!

Short Course Brochure and Registration Form can be downloaded from our website: http://www.nearfield.com/events/ShortCourses.aspx.

Jan 14, 2016

New NSI Robotic Antenna Measurement System (RAMS)

NSI is proud to launch a state-of-the-art and revolutionary new robotic antenna test system, designated the NSI-900R-10.

This 8-Axis Robotic Scanner is an ideal system for measuring antennas up to 30 inches (760 mm) in diameter. It is well suited to perform testing of high, medium and low gain antennas, since it offers PNF, CNF and SNF capabilities. The NSI-900R-10 uses a 6-axis precision robotic arm in conjunction with precision linear translation and rotary stages, to offer the best of the three traditional near-field acquisition configurations.  This system  can support AUT loads of up to 10,000 lb (4,500 kg), and is ideally suited for multi-disciplinary and custom applications.

Click here for a RAMS introduction video

Amazing show at AMTA 2015!

This year, NSI is the proud host of the 2015 AMTA Symposium!
Our latest and greatest was unveiled at the show, introducing 'Marvin' our state-of-art Robotic Antenna Measurement System (RAMS).
The RAMS live demo instantly becomes the talk of the show! and has certainly driven lots of booth traffic throughout the entire show. Audience were inevitably amazed and impressed by the performance of this unique system.
Besides the RAMS, we also showcased our  new Compact Range series and Panther 8000 receiver, as well as our NSI-700S-110, NSI-100V-1x1 and our powerful AntennaViz..
On Sunday night, NSI traditionally hosted the Welcome Reception, warmly welcoming all registered symposium participants and their companions. It was an evening of joyful reunions and memorable aquainting!

Oct 27, 2015

NSI will reveal a new antenna test system during AMTA 2015! (11-16 Oct. Long Beach, CA)

NSI will be exhibiting a new reconfigurable scanner for near-field measurements at this year’s exhibition.
as well as several working demonstrations and displays like:
- NEW AntennaViz™ Software with an impressive multiple monitor display
- mm-Wave planar scanner model NSI-100V-1x1 with a PNA 50 GHz based RF sub-system
- Large Positioners
- NEW NSI Compact Range Series
- NEW Panther 8000 Receiver and Sources

Visit our booth at Beacon Ballroom B, let us show you our latest & greatest developments!



Reconfigurable test systems for custom applications

Don’t miss Sunday´s Short Course on "Near-field Measurement Error Analysis & Computational Electromagnetic Modelling".
More info here

Oct 07, 2015

NSI Technical Papers Presentation at AMTA 2015 (11-16 Oct. Long Beach, CA)

The 37th Annual Symposium of the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association - AMTA2015 will be hosted by NSI at the Hyatt Regency, Long Beach CA.
NSI is proud to present 6 highly informative technical papers about antenna measurement techniques. Be sure to check out the paper sessions and visit us at our booth located at Beacon Ballroom B to discuss your interest with our authors.

Spherical Geometry Selection Used for Error Evaluation
Greg Hindman
Greg Masters
Patrick Pelland
Greg Hindman
Structural Correction of Spherical Near-Field Scanner for mm-Wave Applications
Daniël Janse van Rensburg
Pieter Betjes
Daniël Janse van Rensburg
Spherical scanning measurement challenge for future Millimeter wave applications
F. Ferrero (LEAT)
J.Y. Dauvignac (LEAT)
C. Migliaccio (LEAT)
Stuart Gregson
F. Ferrero (LEAT)
Stuart Gregson
Effect of Higher Order Modes in Standard Spherical Near-Field Probe Correction
Allen Newell
Stuart Gregson
Allen Newell
CATR Quiet Zone Modelling and the Prediction of "Measured" Radiation Pattern Errors: Comparison using a Variety of Electromagnetic Simulation Methods
Clive Parini (QMUL)
Stuart Gregson
Stuart Gregson
Millimeter-wave Performance of Broadband Aperture Antenna on Laminates
Electrical Engineering Dept (UTD).
Dave Fooshe
Bert Schluper
Dan Swan
Carlos Morales
Poster session

Note: Listed papers will be posted on NSI website following the symposium

Related links:

- AMTA 2015 website: http://amta2015.org/

- NSI Technical Papers: http://www.nearfield.com/aboutus/TechnicalPapers.aspx

Sep 01, 2015

New!! AntennaViz™

We are excited to announce a new Database and Data Visualization add-in option for NSI2000 SW.
This option, NSI-SW-5555, named AntennaViz™, adds a significant advanced processing and plotting capability set to your existing NSI2000 toolkit. This package includes productivity, speed, and collaboration enhancements to aid in your antenna measurement process.
Some of the key new features available are:

  • Database Structure with Sorting, Filtering, And User Query Capability
  • Simultaneous Analysis of Multiple Files and Beams
  • “Movie” Mode For Analysis of Multiple Beam and Multiple Frequency Data
  • Multiple Dockable Windows for Database, Plots, Data and Scripts
  • Detached plot module with ability to independently change plot parameter types, scaling, NF/FF/HOLO domain, etc
  • Contour Plot Overlay for Beams/Freqs & Graphical Markers on Plots
  • Multiple Monitor Support / Multiple 3D plots
  • Save and Restore all Plot Viewing Windows Including Detached Plot
  • Save Processed Farfield and Holo Results for Fast Analysis and Presentation

See information on our web page at http://www.nearfield.com/products/antennaviz.aspx for more details on this add-in package, or contact your sales representative.

Aug 04, 2015

New NSI2000 software release v.4.12

NSI software department is continuously improving our NSI2000 antenna measuring software to include the latest features to exceed our customer´s requirements. Latest version (4.12) has just been released including several new functionalities and capabilities:
These new capabilities are:

  • Acquisition
    • Scan time calculator
    • Spherical Near-Field
      • Auto scan setup options
      • Unequal Theta-Phi spacing acquisition and processing
  • Processing
    • Spinning linear plotting only for planar
    • Drag and Drop NSI Cal and Gain files onto NSI2000
    • Far-Field acquired processing now includes:
      • Axial ratio and Tau angle plotting
      • Cut selection
      • THCS coordinate system
  • Scripting
    • Built-in MacroLib functions: Processing, RF Test, Scanning, User
    • Image and Listing plot capability via script

All customers with Software Support Contract should already received this new SW update. Customers without SW Support Contract but are interested, please contact sales@nearfield.com.

More info about NSI2000 sofware: http://www.nearfield.com/products/Software.aspx.

July 20, 2015

NSI’s CATR simulation tools

NSI has a proven CATR design and analysis capability that allows for the prediction of CATR quiet zone performance. This capability not only provides a high level of confidence in the proposed CATR solution, but also allows for the pre-assessment of system performance on specific customer AUT parameters. (e.g. Gain uncertainty due to specified amplitude and phase ripple).
This simulation tools together with predictive models that match with NSI proprietary modeling code, and extensive near-field and far-field experience, allows NSI to offer state-of-the-art compact antenna test ranges to fulfill our customer needs.
More info: http://www.nearfield.com/products/CompactAntennaTestRangeSolutions.aspx

June 22, 2015

NSI will exhibit at IEEE-APS Symposium in Vancouver, Canada

NSI will be attending the IEEE APS Intl Symposium on Antenna & Progagation in Vancouver, BC, Canada from 19 – 24 July 2015 (http://www.2015apsursi.org/). We will be exhibiting our NSI-100V-1x1 mm-Wave scanner with spherical near-field capability, paired with an Agilent 50 GHz PNA. This scanner can be used as a desk-top scanner with a high frequency VNA or it can be paired with a stand that accommodates the VNA and controller to make for a small self-contained antenna test system.

June 18, 2015

New NSI installation of SNF theta-over-phi system

NSI has recently completed the installation of a very large spherical near-field (SNF) measurement system capable of measuring antennas up to 24 feet (7.3 m) in diameter. The NSI-700S-171 uses a dual-axis Theta-over-Phi high accuracy positioning system. As configured, the system can support AUT loads of up to 60,000 lb (27,216 kg) and the software allows for using a wide variety of RF instrumentation. It is capable of measuring amplitude and phase patterns from 370 MHz to 20 GHz on multiple antenna ports using NSI´s Panther Motion controller and the NSI 2000 software. The motion controller allows for continuous motion of the antenna under test and implements real-time structure correction to enhance probe positioning accuracy.

More info: http://ww2.nearfield.com/Sales/datasheets/NSI-700S-171.htm


May 14, 2015


Successful show at EuCAP 2015, Lisbon Portugal - Apr 12 ~ 17

NSI's recent participation at EuCAP 2015 was certainly most productive and rewarding!

Showcasing an NSI-200V-3x3 scanner with Spherical Near-field NSI-700S-30 using the latest RF subsystem developed by NSI drove a lot of traffic to our booth. During our combo test system demo, visitors at the booth were able to see all the powerful features of NSI2000 Software at real-time acquisitions.

Daniel JanseVanRensburg presented an Invited Paper entitled: “Factors Limiting the Upper Frequency of mm-Wave Spherical Near-field Test Systems”. This presentation was attended by 220 people.

Overall a very successful event ! if you missed the opportunity to visit us this year, no worries, we will be waiting for you next year at EUCAP2016, Davos, Switzerland, 11-15 April 2016!

May 4, 2015

NSI Compact Antenna Test Ranges (CATR)

NSI offers a new line of Compact Antenna Test Ranges with serrated edge terminations for quiet zones ranging from 1 ft x 1 ft (0.3 m x 0.3 m) to 6.5 ft x 6.5 ft (2 m x 2 m), operating from 2-200 GHz.

NSI CATR systems can be upgraded with optional spherical near-field capability to allow for testing at lower frequencies in the same range.

- High surface accuracy
- Lightweight carbon fiber construction resistant to thermal instability
- Customizable serration design
- Far-field, near-field and holographic patterns
- New feed design to improve performance
- Spherical near-field option available

More info: http://www.nearfield.com/products/CompactAntennaTestRangeSolutions.aspx

Picture courtesy of Winegard Corporation

Mar 31, 2015

NSI will exhibit at EUCAP 2015 in Lisbon, 12-17 April

NSI will be attending EUCAP 2015, showing a live hardware demonstration.

Please stop by our booth during the conference to watch live antenna measurement demonstrations and see our latest products and developments:

- Combination planar/cylindrical/spherical system: NSI-200V-3x3 with SNF add-on.
- NSI Panther RF sub-system: Including new NSI RF sources, Panther receiver, IMC and Integrated Frequency Converter
- New NSI Compact Antenna Test Ranges (CATR)
- New book: “Theory and Practice of Modern Antenna Range Measurements”

NSI will also be presenting an Invitation Paper on: "Factors Limiting the Upper Frequency of mm-Wave Spherical Near-field Test Systems", author : Daniel JanseVanRensburg

More information: http://www.eucap2015.org/

NSI Panther RF Sub-system

Mar 24, 2015

New mm-Wave Spherical Near-field and Far-field system install

NSI recently installed an NSI-700S-360 mm-wave spherical antenna measuring system in LEAT, University Nice Sophia Antipolis - CNRS, France.
The system installed is a spherical near-field and far-field scanner capable of testing up to 500 GHz for on-chip antenna test, research, and development.

The NSI-700S-360 uses a multi-axis high accuracy stepper motor based positioning system to move the probe on a spherical surface while the AUT remains stationary. The system is large enough to incorporate RF converter modules from different vendors as part of the probe carriage assembly.

The NSI2000 software provides automatic setup of scans based on measurement parameters. Measured data can be processed for far-field or holographic back projection yielding complete characterization of the antenna's performance. A single data set provides information on antenna gain, side lobe structure, beam pointing and cross polarization.

More information: http://ww2.nearfield.com/Sales/datasheets/NSI-700S-360.htm

NSI-700S-360 picture courtesy of LEAT, University Nice Sophia Antipolis - CNRS, France

Mar 21, 2015

New NSI Systems in Mexico & South Africa

NSI recently installed our first antenna test systems in Mexico and South Africa.

The system installed in Mexico is at IPN (National Polytechnic Institute) and is a 8’ (2.4 m.) cylindrical near-field scanner. This system was installed in an ETS-Lindgren anechoic chamber and will be used by the customer for research and development of telecommunication antennas and allows for testing up to 8.5 GHz..

NSI also installed a new Spherical Near-field scanner at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. This scanner will allow for testing of light weight antennas up to a frequency of 26.5 GHz and is going to support the SKA program in South Africa as well as academic research. This system install also included a control system for an existing Planar Near-field scanner at the University of Stellenbosch, which now gives the customer a versatile Planar/Spherical/Far-field combination test system, giving them a very versatile test capability all under control of the NSI2000 software..


NSI-600C-8 at IPN

NSI-600C-8 at IPN

NSI-Combo System at University of Stellenbosch

NSI-COMBO at Univ. Stellenbosch

Jan 25,2015


NSI’s new text book about antenna measurement techniques

Stuart Gregson and Daniel Janse van Rensburg are co-authors of a new text book about antenna measurement techniques, Theory and Practice of Modern Antenna Range Measurements.


This book provides a comprehensive introduction and explanation of both the theory and practice of all forms of modern antenna measurements, from their most basic postulates and assumptions, to the intricate details of their application in various demanding modern measurement scenarios.

Topics Include:
- Introduction to antenna measurements
- Compact antenna test ranges
- Planar, cylindrical and spherical near-field methods
- Mobile and body centric antenna measurements
- Antenna test range assessment
- Near-field probes and probe selection
- Reflection suppression techniques
- Coordinate systems and polarizations definitions.


Come to NSI booth at AMTA2014 and chat with the authors.


This book is available through IET at: www.theiet.org/books-antennarange

Oct 2, 2014



TESLA Model S on NSI Automotive Spherical Near-Field Test System

Tesla Model S being tested on the NSI Spherical Near-Field Measurement Scanning System. The Tesla model S has an 800 MHz GSM antenna in the left side mirror, and both an 800 MHz GSM antenna and a 2.4 GHz WiFi antenna in the right side mirror.

NSI sells antenna measurement systems, and one of our products is a hemispherical scanning system for the automotive industry. This NSI-700S-170 spherical near-field system is being factory tested, and we volunteered our CEO's Tesla model S for part of the factory acceptance testing!!. The Tesla mirror antennas worked very well for the verification testing.

See video here: Click here.

Sep 25, 2014


NSI-SC-5668 heavy duty Az/El positioner installed in indoor range

NSI has successfully installed its newest heavy duty azimuth over elevation positioner inside a far-field indoor range. The positioner is located on top of a support podium for far-field testing shown in the picture.

NSI-SC-5668 Az/El positioner provides not only much higher capacities and accuracy than other similar category products on the market, but also advanced control over its single Ethernet interface port. More information about NSI-SC-5668 positioner is available at: http://ww2.nearfield.com/sales/datasheets/NSI-SC-5668.htm

Aug 15, 2014

NSI launches its newest release of NSI2000

NSI2000 is the most advanced and comprehensive antenna measurement software available today. Running on a large number of installed systems and field-tested daily by an active community of demanding, highly experienced users, the NSI 2000 software represents a unique combination of experience, technology, and simplicity of use that stands ready to solve your toughest antenna measurement challenges.

NSI2000 is well supported with annual major releases providing both new and enhanced capabilities. The newest version 4.11.11 includes some unique new features to meet the latest demands from our customers including frequency sweep processing and plotting, real-time acquisition cut display, smart transform compatibility checking, and plot linear array. All the new features are also available in the powerfully upgraded NSI professional edition scripter.

For more information please see: http://www.nearfield.com/products/Software.aspx

May 31,2014

NSI introduces our NSI-SC-5668 650 mm Azimuth/Elevation stage

NSI introduced our new NSI-SC-5668 650 mm Azimuth/Elevation stage at the AMTA show in Columbus in late 2013. This stage forms our new cornerstone of large high capacity positioners, boasting a load capacity of 12,000 lb (5,400 kg) and bending moments of up to 30,000 ft-lbs (40,600 Nm). The elevation axis delivers 15,000 ft-lbs (20,300 Nm) of torque and the azimuth axis delivers 1,500 ft-lbs (2030 Nm) of torque. The design incorporates high-accuracy gearing to minimize backlash and was designed to increase torsional stiffness to a new level for the industry, thereby reducing location uncertainties when testing at different elevation angles. It is equipped with slip ring assembly on the azimuth stage, encoder position feedback for both azimuth and elevation stages. One of the most unique features is the fact that all drive electronics are integrated into the stage and the interface is a single Ethernet port – a new era for large high capacity positioners!

Jan 25,2014

NSI Expands In-house Antenna Testing Capabilities

NSI recently extended its contract testing services in our facility in Torrance, CA with the recent additional of a new NSI-700S-110 Spherical Near-field Test System. This system extends the frequency range of our testing services up to 110 GHz and beyond. This is an ideal system for characterizing low gain antennas at mm-wave frequencies that would normally be difficult to measure on a planar scanner. This system joins our other two high precision near-field test systems providing NSI with the capability to characterize a variety of antenna types and sizes from 0.2 to 50 GHz. A NSI-300V-12x12 PNF scanner is used to test medium to high gain antennas from 1 to 50 GHz and beyond. Our adjoining NSI-700S-75 SNF chamber is ideally suited for testing low gain and/or low frequency antennas. This system can measure antennas down to 200 MHz with diameters up to 5’ (1.5 m). Using these systems, NSI has provided high quality measurement results to a variety of customers from industry and government.

Visit our website at http://www.nearfield.com/services/TestingServices.aspx to learn more about our Testing Services, or contact us at Sales@nearfield.com to obtain a quotation.

Jan 25,2014

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