AntennaViz™ is a data visualization add-on option for NSI2000 antenna measurements software. This option adds a significant advanced processing and plotting capability set to your existing NSI2000 toolkit. The NSI-SW-5555 package includes productivity, speed, and collaboration enhancements to aid in your antenna measurement process.

NSI is committed to supporting the latest versions of the Windows operating system, keeping your measurement system up-to-date. If you're already invested in the Microsoft Windows platform, then the NSI 2000 software will multiply your antenna measurement productivity while reducing your risk of obsolescence. NSI 2000 is available in two different editions: Standard and Professional. Each Edition provides various programming options. The Standard Edition has a wide variety of features and capabilities for both near-field and far-field antenna measurements. The Upgrade to Professional Edition includes a powerful scripting tool to automate nearly every function of NSI 2000. See some examples of NSI's scripts here. The scripts can also be assigned to NSI's macro toolbar for one-button access.
The new AntennaViz™ database/visualization add-on is the latest NSI development to offer advance postprocessing and visualization tools to our customers.

Datasheet is available here. And indepth tutorial videos are also available, click here to learn more about AntennaViz.

  • Data visualization with movie and combined plots
  • Saving of processed far-field and hologram data
  • Simultaneous processing of multiple NSI2000 files
  • Concurrent processing while acquiring on same PC
  • Multiple windows and multiple monitor support
  • Allows operator to customize the user interface
  • Database structure with sorting, filtering, and user query capability
  • Easy use of individual or group of data files is possible through the datafiles windows
  • Database files allows the user to combine several files to be processed together
  • Simultaneous analysis of multiple files and beams
  • Selecting different files for combined processing is possible with AntennaViz™. Files to be processed can be from different scanning types (planar, cylindrical, spherical) and also combining near-field and far-field data files
  • This is a powerful tool to compare different measurement and results
  • "Movie" mode for analysis of multiple beam and multiple frequency data
  • Selecting different beams for combined processing allows the operator to use the movie mode for multiple dockable windows for database, p[lots, data and scripts
  • Contour plot overlay for beams/freqs & graphical markers on plots
  • Detached plot module with ability to independently change plot parameter types, scaling, NF/FF/HOLO domain, etc
  • Multiple monitor support / multiple 3D plots
  • Save and restore all plot viewing windows including detached plots
  • Save processed Far-field and Holo results for fast analysis and presentation
  • Colour setup configuration by user: data type, frequency, axis, ..